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The Perfect Bouquet Tying System


Similar to floral bunches that come from the wholesalers and supermarkets, the Perfect Bouquet system uses an extra long rubber band to secure the flowers in place.  It is tied to the bottom of the cage before the cage is placed in the Suspension Ring.

Once the arrangement is complete it can be tightly wound around the stems to hold all the flowers in their intended positions.  It can also be unwound to adjust the look of the bouquet.  As some flowers will eventually die, the bouquet can be readjusted and the bouquet owner can removed the older flowers, thus extending the enjoyment of the bouquets even longer.  

    Using the Perfect Bouquet Tying System, if a flower is out of place, you can simply unhook the rubber band and adjust your flowers, up, down or move them to a different location in the arrangement..


    Pictured above you can see the Perfect Bouquet Tying System being tied around the arrangement.  This is what "Locks" your arrangement in place witch makes it completely portable, you can even lay it sideways on the ground and it will hold it's design.

The default color of the Perfect Bouquet Tying System is green.  A clear thin rubber band is also available for higher end designers.  For more seasoned florists and floral designers, you can also use floral tape.

See an example on how to use the Tying System with the Hinging Suspension Ring

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