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The Perfect Bouquet Tying System In Action

This new innovative system gives designers a fast and easy way to tie-off their Perfect Bouquets .

The Suspension Ring has been engineered to include a rubber band channel in one of its support arms.
First, run the rubber band around the bottom rim of the Perfect Bouquet floral cage and through itself. 

Second, pull the rubber band up, while lining-up the band to go through the slotted end of the specially designed Suspension Ring slotted arm.

Now, while the floral cage sits in the Suspension Ring cradle, insert the end of the rubber band into the hole, which is located at the end of the rubber band channel (outer rim of Suspension Ring) and pull end tight, until rubber band rests in its channel.                Note: The second time you perform this task, the process takes less than thirty seconds.

When the bouquet is complete, just open the Suspension Ring and lift the bouquet up and away from the vase.




As shown below; pull the rubber tight and wrap it several times around the bouquet stems.  Finally, stretch the end of the rubber band down to the bottom of the stems and around to include a few floral stems...        and the flowers become a sturdy, portable, single-unit, designer bouquet.


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