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The Perfect Bouquet Cage is the actual device that holds the flowers in place.  Its made plastic that is flexible & sturdy.  The cage is tapered to give you a broad radius while still supporting the stems. This will give you a fuller looking floral arrangement no matter how many flowers you use.


It's unique two-level design securely supports floral stems for both the easy and accurate positioning of flowers. Most importantly, it maintains the bouquet's original designed appearance during transportation and use.


Notice the cage's upper support ridge.  As seen below, the purpose of this ridge is to securely cradle the cage in its Suspension Cap or Suspension Ring System.


The standard color of the Perfect Bouquet cage is green.  For home hobbyists their is a new limited edition non throw away version of the Perfect Bouquet that is made of Crystal Clear Acrylic Plastic.


    Pictured above you see the cage in the Suspension Cap System.  This system is designed for standard sized arrangements with a work area within the cage.


    Pictured above you can see the cage in the Suspension Hinging Ring System.  This system is designed for larger arrangements and gives you the ability to work within and on the outside of the cage.


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