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The Suspension Ring allows floral designers to work with varying size vase-mouth openings while holding the Perfect Bouquet Cage in place so it doesn't move around..  Once the bouquet is complete the single-piece cage/bouquet is removed, stems tied and either placed back in the same vase or put in a transportation box to be delivered and displayed in its intended vase.  We engineered the suspension rings for the Perfect Bouquet system to satisfy the floral industry's need for various size, portable bouquets.


There are two types of suspension rings:


The Cap Suspension Ring


The Hinging Suspension Ring



The Cap Suspension System is for average size arrangements you will find in Supermarkets & Florists who's arrangements are made within the inside of the cage.  This cage fits vases with mouth openings of 4" to 5 1/8".  There are two strategically placed notches in the cap for the tying system.

The Hinging Suspension Ring allows flowers to be placed immediately around the outside edge of the inner  cage to create a larger, portable bouquet.  If a larger bouquet is desired and created then, at its completion, the stems are bound and the Hinging Suspension Ring is carefully slipped down and away from the bouquet, leaving this larger bouquet version to be placed in its destination container.   The Hinging Suspension ring supports vase openings from 3 1/4" to up to 9".


Currently in production is a Snap-N Suspension ring to create an even larger bouquet with the feature a snap-in ring is offered (shown left), which allows another layer of flowers to be included in this bigger Perfect Bouquet .  The advanced engineering has anticipated the need for very large portable bouquets and a special container has been designed to hold the Suspension Ring in place so it too can be surrounded by flowers. 



Custom Perfect Bouquet Solutions are available for specific industries. Special Snap-In Cages for Urns, tradeshow technology, event production and service industry conglomerates such as restaurants, amusement parks & hotels.

    Pictured above you see the cage in the Suspension Cap System.  This system is designed for standard sized arrangements with a work area within the cage. Notice the two notches for the tying system.


    Pictured above you can see the cage in the Suspension Hinging Ring System.  This system is designed for larger arrangements and gives you the ability to work within and on the outside of the cage.


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