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The Secret

The Patented Perfect Bouquet technology is proven to provide longer lasting flowers while saving the floral industry time, money and labor in design and production. This increases value, extends shelf life and ultimately provides your valued consumer with a better product which will make them want to come back to you over and over again.


 The secret is in the patented Perfect Bouquet design and technology. This device allows you to design your floral arrangement as you see fit, secure in place and then transfer your wonderful design from your shop to your consumer without the need for unwanted temporary vases (saving you money and overhead). Once your customer receives your fabulous design, they will be pleased to know it came with the patented Perfect Bouquet device which allows them to trim their bouquet on a daily basis without losing the original floral design. Daily trimmings, fresh water and flower food increase flower and plant life. All of this…. While giving your clients flowers that last up to twice as long.

Save money and time now by investing in better designs, improved efficiency and increased value. The patented Perfect Bouquet technology will change the floral design industry. Secure the Perfect Bouquet for your business today!

Your customers won’t like your bouquets;

they will demand YOUR bouquets!

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