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Rose BoquetsRoses are some of the most commonly sold vase floral arrangements in the world.  They are also most commonly known for premature death from self clogging and cauterizing stems.

Roses Clogging UpEven though Florists spend hundreds of dollars on worthwhile equipment to make sure that the first moment of the first stem cut is under water (see photo cutter), when in fact the LARGER bouquet longevity issue is whether the bouquet can be Re-Cut, two or three more times, water changed and fresh floral food added, after its delivery, undoubtedly maximizing and increasing the bouquet's life by as much as double and depending on the floral species, possibly more (= added days of customer enjoyment).  No other product has addressed the issue of floral longevity, AFTER a designer bouquet has been delivered... until now.  The Perfect Bouquet® finally puts in the consumer's hands the ability to increase the lifespan of a bouquet by their own efforts/floral care, as described above. 

The Perfect Bouquet® floral cages are the most important advancement in floral industry history and are here to stay. Once the public is informed on their many advantages, traditionally made floral bouquets will be known as relics of a bygone era replaced by this vastly improved, versatile technique.  After all, who wouldn't want longer lasting professionally designed bouquets with this degree of portability and convenience?  Your customers will thank you with their continued patronage... after all, you've finally offered them a  simple way to inexpensively dress up their homes and adorn their own special vases with gorgeous Perfect Bouquets ®


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