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What is the Perfect Bouquet system?

This patented device represents the worlds first "Floral Cage" designed to harness flower arrangements in a manner as originally intended by the floral designer.  It's revolutionary cage design will offer great stability for a more long lasting bouquet.


What is so unique about the Perfect Bouquet system?

Consumers can now enjoy great convenience and ease of mobility as they tend to a variety of functions necessary to affect a more healthy environment for the life of their arrangement.  Once an arrangement leaves the flower shop, the recipient often becomes the "care giver" of sorts for that arrangement.  The Perfect Bouquet system enables the customer to perfectly care for their flowers with nutrients, water and trimming in a manner that adds great longevity to the life of their arrangement.  In short, flowers are more fresh . . . nutrient and water replacement is easy . . . vase replacement is a breeze . . . trimming is more simple and your bouquet will last substantially longer than that of the traditional vase arrangement.


What is the one of the biggest

benefits to the Perfect Bouquet system?

In a word . . . integrity!  Besides flowers remaining fresh and lasting longer, each and every floral arrangement used within the Perfect Bouquet system will remain firmly affixed within the cage so as to keep the arrangement as originally intended by the floral designer. Cherished designs are no longer lost or compromised as a result of water or vase replacement.  The result is a more emotionally pleasing product worthy of being called "The Perfect Bouquet".

The integrity and long lasting benefit of your cherished floral arrangement will be enjoyed for many days to come.

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