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Bouquet RetailersThe scenario goes like this: your customer is standing in your place of business looking at the floral choices. The arrangements in the special case, with pretty vases and professional arrangements are their first choice, but the price is so high and they just don’t have room to add one more generic, garage-clutter vase, that they will never use again, to their storage room when the flowers are gone. Your customer settles for loose-cut flowers, takes them home, puts water in their favorite vase and drops the flowers in. They try moving them around but it doesn’t seem to do much; the flowers always flop to the sides and just never look as good as a professionally designed bouquet.Bouquet Sales

Your Options?

First, you could tape the vase, but this takes a lot of time and doesn't allow the flowers to be removed from the vase so the water can be changed.

Second, you could have a loose arrangement and just weave the flowers in the vase.  Of course it will take a lot of talent and many more flowers to offer support in the arrangement.  Furthermore, as soon as these flowers are transported, the original design will be lost.

Finally there is a third choice! Not since the invention of the vase has there been a floral advancement with more market potential than this. Introducing the "Perfect Bouquet®", the unique solution to the public's desire for professional floral arrangements with the portability of loose-cut flowers.

Perfect Bouquet Floral Cage

The Perfect Bouquet® offers defining support for securing bouquet flowers perfectly in their intended, designed positions.  This unique system allows floral designers the freedom to create completely self-contained, portable, professional bouquets... bouquets that will maintain their designed integrity while being transported to their destination vase/containers.

Allows Re Cuts On Designer Bouquets Without Changing WaterCustomers love this new floral cage product for two very important reasons. Portability and convenience is obviously the first revolutionary benefit.  The second reason is that floral cage arrangements have the potential of living longer than traditionally designed bouquets. Yes... its true!  Increased life span is due to the Perfect Bouquets'® unique ability to be periodically lifted out of their vases/containers, again, without altering their fully designed appearances, for the purpose of changing their water, replenishing floral food and re-cutting the base of the bouquets' stems. This periodic change of water,  re-cutting of stems and addition of a new packet of floral food allows the floral heads to drink the maximum amount of clean, nutritionally charged water, greatly increasing Perfect Bouquets'® longevity over traditionally designed floral bouquets.

Bouquets That Last LongerIf clients choose to buy a generic vase, with their order, designers now have a choice to build the bouquet in a Perfect Bouquet floral cage or, use the same old technique as before (see photo/right). 

1. The first vase; notice the clear water that every designer would love to send out with each and every new designer bouquet.  After all, it's your shop's good name on these bouquets and how long they last effects  your reorders (customer satisfaction equals company growth). 

2. The middle vase is more realistic as to the level of silt a newly created arrangement contains.  The water, in this vase, was remnant after a very seasoned designer was careful to follow designer standards and, with his hands, wipe each stem before placing it in the bouquet.  After completion he lifted this newly created bouquet out of the vase and this was the level of silt remaining.  See the debris both floating and settling at the base of the vase?  This debris will quickly rot and not only infect the flowers with bacteria, it will also become a level of consistency, like gelatin, which will speed the clogging process of each stem in the bouquet.  

3. The vase on the far right is the kind of water that customers end up with, at the end of their bouquet's life.  It is easy to see one of the factors shortening a bouquet's life, the silt and rotting bacterial water that Perfect Bouquets do not have to endure.

Bouquet Construction... Fast, Easy and Designer Portable

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