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A Closer Look At It's Design

The Perfect Bouquet Floral Cage has been thoroughly engineered to support bouquet stems with a minimum of support rings and struts, avoiding the chance of these rings getting in the way of a designer’s effort to build the perfect designer bouquet.

The two level, tapered construction offers maximum support.  The top is 4" wide, the bottom is 2 1/2" wide and the cage stands 1.5" tall. 

As you can see, on the lower level there is a single support ring with two struts holding that ring in place.  The lower support ring’s radius is a bit smaller than the upper central ring to create a slight slant to inserted floral stems.

The first stem, or stems go in the center, larger radius ring and descends through to the lower, smaller radius support ring.  The next stems go through the upper level middle support ring and lean against the outer edge of the lower support ring.

This advance engineering minimizes the need for more support rings that might get in the way while designing a bouquet. 


Shipping and Storage

The two-piece cage system offers easy snap together design, allowing maximum cage stacking for efficient  shipping and storage.


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