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How The Perfect Bouquet Works

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     Be sure to see "The Perfect Bouquet Parts One & Two" Before Watching this video.

Take a closer look at the Perfect Bouquet Cage; how it's shipped, stored, assembled & about the design.  Learn how to use the Perfect Bouquet Tying System.  Find out when to use the Solid Suspension Ring versus the Hinging Suspension Ring.  See an arrangement being made with the Perfect Bouquet System.  Look at a drop proof arrangement.  See how florists are changing the destiny of your client's bouquet and why the lifespan of your arrangement lasts so much longer.

                At the conclusion of this video, see "The Hinging Suspension Ring"


 If the above video is not displaying or you wish see additional demonstrations, education & other videos; or to download a windows media player version of the above video, be sure to visit the Media Area of our website.


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