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Perfect Bouquet Part 1

Take an inside look at the Perfect Bouquet system. See the principals behind the Perfect Bouquet System and how the biggest all-time problems of florists are finally solved. Find out how portability can now keep your arrangement in tact.  Learn about where the idea came from and why customers were looking for a flexible floral solution.

Perfect Bouquet Part 2

Take an inside look at the Perfect Bouquet system and compare it to a taped and loose arrangement. Learn how you can use less flowers and still get a fuller look. Transporting your arrangements means no longer losing your intended design. Make it easier for your clients to take care of your arrangement and keep the exact look of your arrangement throughout the entire life of the flowers. See why portability and versatility are so important.

How The Perfect Bouquet Works

Take a closer look at the Perfect Bouquet Cage; how it's shipped, stored, assembled & about the design.  Learn how to use the Perfect Bouquet Tying System.  Find out when to use the Solid Suspension Ring versus the Hinging Suspension Ring.  See an arrangement being made with the Perfect Bouquet System.  Look at a drop proof arrangement.  See how florists are changing the destiny of your client's bouquet and why the lifespan of your arrangement lasts so much longer.

The Hinging Suspension Ring

Get to know the Perfect Bouquet Hinging Ring Suspension System. Learn how to design outside of the cage for larger arrangements. Understand how this on size cage fits any size arrangement. See how innovative the dual tying system stays in the perfect channel.


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