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Be A Floral Designer

Would you Like...

 Flowers that last up to twice as long?

Arrangements that stay completely intact?

The ability to easily care for these arrangements?


Are Can Be A Designer

Perfect Bouquet has finally placed in the hands of Supermarket floral clients a floral designer's tool to create beautiful floral arrangements for their own homes.  Imagine, creating bouquets that last longer than floral shop bouquets and have the added personal satisfaction of empowered clients creating their own very special and unique floral looks. 



Now You Can

Trying to find an easier way to create arrangements?

Tired of having throw away vases taking up storage space?

Looking to save time, money and labor costs in your design process?  Trying to find a better and easier way to keep your designer bouquets intact?  Looking for that edge to be the first offer your clients an amazing new product?

    The Perfect Bouquet is a patented system of flower design utilizing a revolutionary new floral cage device.  The purpose of this device is to offer defining support for securing bouquet flowers perfectly in their intended, designed positions.  This unique system allows floral designers the freedom to create completely self-contained, portable, professional bouquets... bouquets that will maintain their designed integrity while being transported to their destination vase/containers.  Learn More>>>


Important As The Post-It Is To The Office Supply Industry... This Long Awaited Device Is Finally Available 


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